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 "Power Girl" is Great for Young Women and Advanced Teens who have more questions than the average girl relating to her reality.

What are the essential powers hidden behind all things? Keep the Spirit Warrior Handbook in your bag and reference secrets of the Ancient Priestess. What is it to be a girl? Is is it a struggle, or supreme power? 
   We cannot conform to the thinking that caused the problem in the first place. Therefore, the Bunny Buddha girl faces the suffering, faces the darkness, and looks it straight in the face. Then it's not so scary. It's only a minor obstacle to overcome. Or sometimes, it's not there at all. It was merely the ghosts of fear taunting us. Fear is healthy. Fear is no reason to obstruct our path. Fear is no reason to quit, or to let the fear dictate our behavior and take us away from our path. Fear is nothing to be scared of.


The New Wave - Girls Epistemology
 - Learn to connect to your chakras, the 'wheels of light' and grow your physical and spiritual health at the same time.  

-What does the snake symbolize in the Adam and Eve story? What is this reptile figure?


Bunny Buddha takes us on a nonfiction journey this time, revealing the historical and ancient powers of womanhood, what goddess culture really means, where these ideas come from and how they can help us navigate the illusions of the male-dominated millennia of modern history. 

This is our world as women. Equality is not the goal, the goal is to grasp the power of remembering our true spirit, a spirit of leadership and responsibility - this is the role of the Power Girls Spiritual Warrior -
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 "I really enjoy "Bunny Buddha" - It's relaxing and you learn how to be relaxed in any situation, it's so cool, almost vital, and a lot of people don't realize it.? " 
-Elizabeth Padilla, Brooklyn, New York


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Self-Help For Power Girls Bunny Buddha  

Self-Help For Power Girls Bunny Buddha


Hey it’s me Julia! I love cute things, being snuggly, and traveling the world with my love, RC Irving, who illustrates my books! We enjoy researching the history of the human world, anthropology, archaeology and being at home in Alexandria, Egypt or Seattle, WA, or someplace on a new continent!
We are also very curious about the way dimensions of light and time fit into our existence on Earth. 
Bunny Buddha helps™ women and children (and boys) further understand the wellness power of the entire universe that is held within our own hearts. Begin the journey by subscribing to Bunny's Wellness Club and receive a voucher for one FREE Download (We suggest beginning with Bunny Buddha™ Book One) along with updates and exclusive content! 
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Self-Help For Power Girls Bunny Buddha