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Our bestselling Bunny Buddha books have sold over 1 million copies in Japan and are expanding now with 250,000 more worldwide! We have books suitable for all ages and they can be used at bedtime, for quiet time at home or as a teaching resource in the classroom. They are designed to help children relax, mentally and physically and promote a sense of well being and confidence.

Widely enjoyed in Japan, much of the Bunny Buddha book range is now available in English! Our founders' Japanese-American roots inspired them to share the core cultural values of the east with the rest of the world in fun and colorful cartoon form! 





バニー・ブッダは、真言、天台、浄土真宗, 日蓮、禅書を学ぶのが大好きな神です。バニー・ブッダは古代芸術の上級生であり、楽しみを持つことも大好きです!彼女の教師は、彼女がいつも友達と一緒にとても楽しんでいるので、彼女は勉強していないと思うことがありますが、実際、彼女は以前の生涯から非常によく知っているスーパーヒーローです!







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友人さらなる次元に到達し、古代の魔法を呼び起こすために、友人は、多宇宙全体の古代の宗教である、The Scious Powerの銀河伝説を解明しなければなりません。
Bunny is a Buddhist Hero 🌺 learning to become stronger and finding more ways to help all the beings and planets in the universe! 🌸💗😊 In the first book of the children's series, Bunny goes on a big adventure where she learns to take deep breaths, focusing on meditation & intuition in order to find the way.

 In order to reach further dimensions and reawaken ancient magic, the friends must unlock the Galactic Legend of “The Scious Power”, an ancient religion throughout the multiverse.

バニーブタナと彼女の友人たちは、自由なエネルギーと惑星の癒しの知識で皆を団結させることができるまで止まりません。 物事が困難になったとき、彼らはおいしいチョコのカップを持ち、ジンガダンスをする時間を作り、あなたが究極の目標に向かっているときでさえ、楽しむことが人生で最も重要なことであることを思い出します!

Bunny Butana and her friends won’t stop until they can unite everybody with the knowledge of free energy and planetary healing. When things get tough, they make time to have yummy cups of hot choco, do the Jinga Dance, and remember that having fun is the most important thing in life, even while you're going for the ultimate goal!



🔮 "An Intergalactic Siddhartha Story for the 21st Century" 💫
Children's World Magazine  

王女の王室は、かつて多宇宙でバランスが取れていた古代の霊的な獣のグループから来ています。 特権的な祖先に目覚め、アニマルパルと団結した後、彼女はすべての子供たちを恐怖と危険から解放する次元間の冒険に乗り出しました。 「子どもたちが必要とするところならどこでも。」霊的な力と自由なエネルギーを強調する努力によって力が脅かされている生き物や霊と戦う方法とともに。


The Princess' royal family line descends from an ancient group of spirit-animals that once kept balance in the Multiverse. She awakens to her ancestry amidst her privilege and, after uniting with her Animal Pals, sets out on the inter-dimensional adventure to Free Every Kid of Fear & Danger. “Wherever a girl is in need, I will be there.” Along their way, they battle the creatures and spirits whose power is threatened by their endeavor to raise spiritual strength and free energy to prominence.


苦しみが彼女の世界に存在するという考えにもはや耐えられなくなったとき、ブタナ王女は他の人を痛みから解放するために豪華な王室の生活をあきらめます。 許可された! 地球の人口の半分が創造的に完全に貢献できない場合、誰もが世界の苦しみを終わらせることを期待できますか?

When she can no longer bear the idea that suffering exists in her world, Princess Butana gives up her luxurious royal life to help free others from pain. She only has to reach the temple of the closest village to find her first directive - girls are not allowed! If half of the planet's population can't creatively contribute fully, how can anyone expect to end the suffering of the world?


"Princess Butana is a classic fairy tale that explores some of our biggest global challenges."
-Aimée Bernard ~ MilK Magazine


The main teaching of Bunny Buddha is that buddha nature that it is already residing within you now. All animals, plants, and humans possess a buddha nature, and indeed have the ability to become buddhas.


All Kami possess buddha nature. Through cartoons, beautiful fun products, and toys, Bunny Buddha customers explore, enjoy, and find peace in this basic concept. Much of the philosophy of the Bunny Buddha universe can be found in the Lotus Sutra teachings.


Bunny Buddha is a Kami that loves to study Shingon, Tendai, Nichiren, Jōdo Shinshū and Zen Books. Bunny Buddha is an advanced student of the ancient arts that also loves to have fun! Her teachers sometimes think she is not studying because she's always having so much fun with her friends, but really she is a superhero that knows very much from her previous lifetimes!


BB is back to inspire the 21st century Army of Self-love and Infinite Awareness! The work of the ancient scholars gives Bunny great power and confidence in the comprehensive peaceful nature of the heart.


Join the Bunny Buddha Army and you too get the comforting, confident power of the ancient masters along with a best friend to cuddle with and hug you when you need it.


LOTUS BUNNY 26/1/2020

The buddha nature within us all is like the priceless jewel hidden in the pocket of a dirty jacket. Too many of us are walking around thinking we are poor when the untold wealth of buddha nature is readily available in the pocket of our hearts.


The shining jewel hidden in a dirty pocket is the light of your heart's feeling hidden in the modern world of confusion in mind and body. The heart is not just a muscle, but your compass to endless possibilities in endless universes of love and peace.


A buddha is not male, not female, not trans; the buddha is the all that is within your heart, the buddha is the emotion you feel every day. The buddha inside you is endless joy, endless pain, endless excitement, endless rapture, endless sadness, and the endless LOVE. All your feelings are your buddha nature's awareness.


Embrace all thought, philosophy, and possibility including science and mathematical principle and you will find your buddha nature now. Do not try and escape this world without embracing your own buddha nature. This is the path to breaking the cycles of rebirth.

 Be a philosopher. Hold your head up high.


Think original thoughts every day, and you will realize the buddha inside of you. The true dharma is that there are endless universes, endless earths, endless heavens, endless hells, and we must transcend them all, in our hearts, right NOW.


Gautama Buddha himself recognized that philosophically there were millions of Buddhas in millions of universes before him; female buddhas, male buddhas, animal buddhas. The transcendent freedom one finds in these good thoughts and philosophies leads to the good feeling and wisdom that the buddha nature is already alive within you.


With good thought, good action and good purpose, this jewel of yourself can rise within this life. Be the Buddha you were at birth. This wisdom is the highest and most simple way of interpreting the true dharma. Look at everything around you with peace and transcendence.


Find peace on the train, at work, or even eating that pork sandwich (haha). Your own buddha nature of high and good thoughts is never outside of you. Bunny Buddha shows through her actions and adventures that there are endless ways to uncover our endless and abundant Buddha-nature.


What sane person can wait until heaven when they can have it right now? Not only can we be in heaven at all times, but it is all of our responsibility to emanate heaven from our hearts for others on Earth right now.


The world may always have problems, but peace and harmony can be practiced in this realm, and indeed is the ultimate goal of being alive here and now. Make your life a practice of this, against all odds, finding joy, and you will find your buddha nature very much alive in your heart to be enjoyed and shared.


All beings are immortal, operating the vehicle. This is the one-vehicle principle. Your vehicle may only live once, but the essence that is you, you inside the vehicle, is immortal and will inevitably, if not already, become a buddha itself.


Central to the true dharma is the principle that not only are there multiple buddhas, but there is also an infinite stream of Buddhas extending indefinitely through unquantifiable amounts of space and time.


In Bunny Buddha's adventures, her teachers think she is an arrogant student, confused about buddha teaching, but truly she is a very advanced bodhisattva, trained in the deepest of multi-versed philosophy, a superhero of historic proportions! Bunny is out here to help remind you of your superpowers. What is your favorite feeling in your heart? Embrace it today and practice your own buddhahood now!

💗 BBが人生の意味を探る💗 


ロータスバニー 26/1/2020














バニー・ブッダの冒険では、彼女の教師は彼女がshe慢な生徒であり、仏教の教えに戸惑っていると思いますが、本当に彼女は非常に高度なboであり、多面的な哲学、歴史的なプロポーションのスーパーヒーローで訓練されています! バニーはあなたの超大国を思い出させるためにここにいます。 あなたの心の中で好きな気持ちは何ですか? 今日それを受け入れて、あなた自身の仏性を今すぐ練習してください!



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