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You Deserve Relief! Bunny Buddy is every modern parent's hero - A friend to help grow imaginations while creating integrity and pride about loving to learn. 

We are here to provide months (years!) of entertainment to the littles so you can catch a well-deserved break

With this special package, you receive:

- 3 Epic Award-Winning Children's Book Adventures

 + Everyday Yoga Today Only!

- Dozens Of Phone Wallpapers FOR MOM & DAD 💗

- Dozens Of Stickers to use for Text and Messenger! 

- 3 FREE Months BB Printable Activities Subscription 




Weekly Printable Learning Games typically include:

- Coloring / Drawing Pages
- Crosswords
- Mazes
- Word Scrambles
- Spelling Comprehension
-Math Games

Get 10-15 Printable Games sent weekly to your inbox. Hours of off-screen entertainment to go alongside the lifetime of digital entertainment in the Bunny Buddha Book Series!

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Book One - Deep Breathing & Big Adventures - Bunny sets off on a journey into the lost world to discover her planet's place in the universe. Along the way, she practices deep breaths and the power of using intuition in order to stay focused, finish the adventure and find the way home. 

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Book Two - Alternative Energy / Ancient Knowledge - Bunny explores the lost world of Kemi, trading the knowledge of the deep breath with a new friend. She joins the mission to bring healthy energy back to the world with ancient knowledge and technology in "The Pyramid Path".

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Book Three (Comic Book 1 Prequel) - Inclusion and Equality in "Princess Butana" - When she can no longer bear the idea that suffering exists in her world, Princess Butana gives up her luxurious royal life to help free others from pain. When she is not allowed in the monastery because of her gender, she finds another path to help the whole universe. Along the way, Bunny meets an ancient master who connects her to the true story of their planet's history. 



Recommended Age 5+

Our bestselling Bunny Buddha books have sold over 1 million copies in Japan and are expanding now with 250,000 more worldwide! We have books and activities suitable for all ages and they can be used at bedtime, for quiet time at home or as a teaching resource in the classroom. They are designed to help children and adults relax mentally and physically and promote a sense of well being and confidence.

★2020 CILIP Carnegie Medal longlist

"These Japanese authors offer up a comprehensive response to the modern panic we feel compelled to live in. There's so much meditation to be found in Bunny Buddha's world." ―The New York Times Book Review

"Eastern concepts made fresh for the west."―Publishers Weekly

"A very necessary angle on inclusion, gender and spirituality."―Starred, School Library Journal



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