Where Bunny Buddha Comes From

Bunny Buddha Superhero


  I wanted to create a brand, a genre, that girls around the world could go to in an effort to navigate the often painful conditioning we endure growing up in a woman's skin. I create ¨Bunny Buddha¨ to give girls an accessible way to understand life´s (often ancient) secrets; to be able to skip some therapy by understanding the essential need for spirituality within womanhood from as young an age as possible. They're being exposed to yoga, healthy lifestyles and 'conscious living'. Bunny Buddha exists to help them embrace the complex history & inner workings of these concepts in very simplified and fun ways - cartoons, books, dolls, games, etc.. She is a talisman that provides soothing direction to be a girl while facing hard truths about our society and feeling empowered by knowledge of the world both modern and ancient. 

  Sometimes the knowledge that girls need to change our society for the better in the 21st century is buried under the many conflicting obligations they feel to fit in; the career, the baby, the independence. Sometimes it feels scary to explore things outside the conditioning or the fear itself simply causes us to want to shut off emotions that are perhaps connected to our integral feminine instincts. Bunny Buddha the character can be enjoyed just for her beauty, fun, and adorability, but her true value lies in the explorations of *what it means to be alive.*



Bunny Buddha Pyramids



  Bunny Buddha also has ambitions in an educational capacity because having perspective on the modern world and history is a critical tool for self-actualization and the sovereignty for freedom of thought. I want them to know that much of the anxiety and turmoil they feel can be avoided by embracing the unknown - that spirituality in the broadest sense can give them a true freedom to think their own thoughts and create their individual sense of what it means to be a woman. The value of Bunny Buddha is creating more peace in the world while reducing despair, building fantastic new perceptions of girlhood, and womanhood, and changing our world of war and conflict by restoring an innate sense of what it means to be alive on Earth. She is the superhero needed on the planet for this century. 




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