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What is it to be a girl? Is is it a struggle, or supreme power? Bunny Buddha takes us on a non-fiction journey this time, revealing the historical and ancient powers of womanhood, what goddess culture really means, and where these ideas come from and how they can help us navigate the illusion of patriarchy.  
- Learn to connect to your chakras, the 'wheels of light' and grow your physical and spiritual health at the same time.  
- Ponder ideas of religion and spirit within the body
- Examine the role of image in our girls world. Where does 'image' come from? If we understand in history where the concept of image comes from, we can understand how the image of women is presented to us.
- Bunny Buddha handbooks continue to do the work presented in the Adventures of Bunny Buddha by displaying key notions of history to understand the nature of power in our world while defining and unveiling what role us girls have to play in Our story (It is most powerful role we all need to try and remember) - The hidden stories of Gaia and the Divine Feminine Sisterhood that lies dormant within us all. 
This is our world as women. Equality is not the goal, the goal is to remember our true spirit, a spirit of leadership, responsibility and power - this is the role of the Power Girls Spiritual Warrior -
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