Humans As Bio-Computer Organisms ❤️


#AlienCovenant We liked it. 👽

"What do you believe in, David?" 🔬  "#Creation"

💖    Love it. Did anyone else watch dis one? 🌍 #Aliens #humans #ancientaliens #DNA #Monoatomic possibilities 🍦 What if we think of humans as bio-computer organisms, that is, androids who have the ability to access extra-dimensional signals of creation? Are most Earth humans confusing them*selves*, their conscious, non-physical awareness, with the carbon computer machine of flesh and bone they operate within? Who designed this machine seemingly made of the DNA material available on the planet mixed with.... something.. else.. ? 


Humans are very likely to be genetically modified organisms who have endured many traumatizing moments in cataclysmic earth history. These events have resulted in a state of amnesia that our global family is only now waking up from. What astonishing things will we learn about our nature as we rub the sleep from our conscious eyes?




 The #prometheus films point out interesting narratives that are evident in our history; The uncomfortable notion that we may have been created for purposes less glorious than traditional theology would have people believe. Where do you feel your origins are, in your heart, as a creature roaming this planet?


We heard the box-office didn't like it or whatevs. Clarki loves the #alienfranchise 💗   #sirridleyscott we want more #prometheus 🍦


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