Bunny Buddha™ Stepping Out Of The Matrix

The Matrix is inside your DNA ... Self-Awareness Deprograms these malicious tendencies built into your genes so that you may step out of the Matrix and harmonize with the limitless energy from all dimensions. The Matrix wants you to be in the 3D exclusively. What is this construct, The Matrix? Is it a vibrational energy field that traps humans in body/mind? 💗 Many of these answers can be found in Earth History. *notes* Women's role in the matrix... why so many of the women's ego traps are based in the matrix. vanity, "friends", sexualized womanhood. Most of the senses of "womanhood" are as malicious as any other public schooling information. We need women to step out in particular so we may find harmony on Earth - and become POWER GIRL SPIRIT WARRIORS! 

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